researchLegitimate retailers aren’t the only ones offering up deals to drive holiday spending. On the deep and dark web, many criminal marketplaces advertise sales on illegal wares such as stolen credentials, which criminals can use to take over consumer accounts, steal funds, and siphon rewards points. Discounts are steep, providing an easy entry point for criminals who want to resell a few stolen accounts or even purchase the means to take over their own.

In this webinar, SpyCloud researchers discuss the trends they’ve tracked on criminal ecommerce sites, including fresh data on how Black Friday 2019 sales affected prices and sales volumes for different types of illegitimate access to consumer products – and why your enterprise needs to take that data into account to protect your consumers from account takeover fraud.

View this on-demand webinar to learn the results of their research, including:

  • How these criminal marketplaces operate and why you should care
  • What criminals are buying (Disney+ credentials, anyone?), what prices they’re paying, and what volume of illegal merchandise exchanged hands this Black Friday
  • Which industries and account types are the most popular with cybercriminals this year, and what that means for the upcoming holiday season
  • What enterprises can do to protect themselves and their consumers from account takeover fraud

Watch The Webinar

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